Burnt grilled cheese

Ah the lifestyle of a pilot’s wife. Both son and I are battling a cold and I think that the time when we are sick I find the lifestyle most difficult and most appealing. Continued In the life of Whirly Wife

100th post

Sunrise in the Gulf of Mexico - picture courtesy of my husband.

Six months ago I looked on the Internet for other pilot wives, websites that offered advice 
on some of the hardships that wives of pilots encounter and for positive encouraging stories. I found some wonderful groups of women through Facebook -Wives &  girlfriends ( or boyfriends & husbands) of Pilots  and Pilot Wives Club groups of amazing women. I also came across a ton of negative stereotypes which are just not true. As I continued with my research I found that there are quite a few wonderful blogs written by pilot wives that share the pretty and not so pretty sides of the lifestyle.
After much discussion with my pilot I started Whirly Wives. Six months later, over 4000 visitors have viewed my blog from all over the world, from Japan through Russia, Poland, Netherlands, the UK, Qatar, India parts of Africa and of course the US just to name a few.  I have written 100 posts varying from some of my favorite recipes for son and I to some parenting and relationship wisdoms and struggles, joys and heartbreaks.
 I thought about this post for several days and wavered between doing a post dedicated to the fact that it was my 100th or just doing a regular post and not mentioning that I have written 100 times. Clearly I decided on the 100th subject. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you for following, reading and commenting. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am not alone in this weird yet wonderful lifestyle. So thank you for continuing to read I am looking forward to sharing more as the days, months and years go by.Thank you for staying tuned in.

Friendships near and afar

Since we have entered the world of aviation we have met many amazing people and formed wonderful friendships along the way. We have also lost many wonderful friends and were not necessarily completely we did lose them in the physical sense either by us moving or them moving. I have formed some incredible friendships with the most amazing women and we keep in touch via e-mail, phone, and Skype and we try to stay in each other’s lives but we all agree the we miss the physical proximity of being able to pop in for a cup of joe or a glass of wine. Continued in In the life of Whirly Wife

Crappy Croup

Ugh that “barking” cough, tight chest and your kid struggling to breathe are pretty good indicators that your child has croup. When our Little Dude was smaller (a year and a half to about three) he would have difficulty with breathing every time he contracted croup and we would have to administer steroids. I hated giving him steroids and would always try the hot steamy bathroom first to see if I could avoid administering the steroid. The steam helps the child breath by relaxing the infected airways. Continued in Hanger Rats


We are taught how to share things when we are little, toys, food, playground equipment sharing a person is a very different skill altogether. This post comes from a situation that arose last time that our pilot was home and my son said to him: “Daddy mommy needs alone time, don’t talk to her”. What he was really saying was I need you to myself and I don’t want to share you, not even with mommy. Husband and I looked at each other and were not quite sure on how to deal with that. So daddy went off to play and mommy took the “much needed alone time” to think about the situation. Continued in Hanger Rats

Weight obsessed … not really

I recently did a post on Sparkpeople.com and my desire to unload some of the unwanted weight. I have been staying relatively on task with my getting healthy plan. I try not to get overly obsessive and still enjoy life  (like not count every calorie when at a party) but I really really want to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I gave myself until this summer. Reasons are just plain desire to be healthier. I don’t have a whole bunch to go but sometimes regardless of the great progress I feel like it is an uphill battle. More in In the life of a Whirly Wife

Fried Rice

I have been really into  cooking lately and this is a very yummy recipe that I have been making for years and son and I enjoy it very much. So last night I made it and figured I should share. Recipe in Meals For Two

Chocolate Babka

I made this babka for my friend when she invited me for diner. Husband was away and I really didn't think much about it. He discovered a 1 inch by 1 inch leftover crumb of the babka and loved it so I made it again per his request. He absolutely loved it. The darker the coco powder you use the richer the babka. Babka is clearly a cake and the best comparison on taste and consistency would be a pound cake but dryer. Recipe in Meals for two

We all need days like this

I am all about being active and not letting you kids and yourself chill on the couch all day. Once in a while we all need a couch day. Husband is away again and I miss him, I am tired because I could not sleep at all without him and thus I am dragging butt today. So I have decided to take a day off from being an active person and after fulfilling the one commitment we had (a preschool livestock show this morning) I put  my PJs back on and I am going to hang out on the couch with my son and we are going to watch TV all day and eat crap and I am not going to do the dishes or cook anything healthy and you know what I will not even feel guilty about it, because we all need days like this once in a blue moon so that we can relax and rest and recharge.  

Wings and things

Not the airplane kind but the chicken kind. Mr. Right’s absolutely fave is a buffalo Hot Wing diner that I make using Frank’s Red Hot sauce. It is super easy and super yummy a great diner for our family with beer for him and wine for me. I bake the wings (see recipe in Meals for Two) and set 5 wings aside after they are baked for the Little Dude he does not like the Hot Sauce. The Potato Skins are some skins and some slices I hate left over potatoes so instead of scooping out the mush and saving it for later I just bake them until crispy. The diner takes about an hour and a half to make and it is one of our favorites. Yum yum.