100th post

Sunrise in the Gulf of Mexico - picture courtesy of my husband.

Six months ago I looked on the Internet for other pilot wives, websites that offered advice 
on some of the hardships that wives of pilots encounter and for positive encouraging stories. I found some wonderful groups of women through Facebook -Wives &  girlfriends ( or boyfriends & husbands) of Pilots  and Pilot Wives Club groups of amazing women. I also came across a ton of negative stereotypes which are just not true. As I continued with my research I found that there are quite a few wonderful blogs written by pilot wives that share the pretty and not so pretty sides of the lifestyle.
After much discussion with my pilot I started Whirly Wives. Six months later, over 4000 visitors have viewed my blog from all over the world, from Japan through Russia, Poland, Netherlands, the UK, Qatar, India parts of Africa and of course the US just to name a few.  I have written 100 posts varying from some of my favorite recipes for son and I to some parenting and relationship wisdoms and struggles, joys and heartbreaks.
 I thought about this post for several days and wavered between doing a post dedicated to the fact that it was my 100th or just doing a regular post and not mentioning that I have written 100 times. Clearly I decided on the 100th subject. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you for following, reading and commenting. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am not alone in this weird yet wonderful lifestyle. So thank you for continuing to read I am looking forward to sharing more as the days, months and years go by.Thank you for staying tuned in.