Seafood Feast from the Gulf to the table

Yesterday my parents in law and son myself took a trip to Galveston Beach for a day in the sun and relaxation. There is a little market off the port pear called Katie's Seafood Market and I just love it. I shop there every time we go to Galveston and buy fresh flounder and shrimp or other fish. Yesterday we grilled the flounder and some of the shrimp, we made shrimp coctail with the rest of the shrimp. Check out meals for two for the recipes. Yumm yumm.

Adjustment after pilot has been gone also know and 1st day home jitters (Survey)

I wrote about this few times (First day back jitters and Theanti……….cipation as well as He is coming home) and the topic comes up often in the different groups I belong to. How to cope with the jitters?  How to seamlessly slip back into the routine? In the survey I asked how others do it. Is there a secret to having a successful home coming every time?
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Positives and Chellenges of the pilot lifestyle (survey)

The views are definitly a plus

Why are pilots pilots? There are numerous reasons why people choose their profession and I know that for us my husband loves to fly, with that choice comes a unique lifestyle that allows for travel and presents many opportunities as well as challenges  -so I asked the wives and girlfriends to list the positive and challenging things about this lifestyle. Here is a summary of their take on the pluses and minuses of the lifestyle and job, listed in order of most often mentioned to less often. 
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A perfect break

Once in a while you get blessed with a perfect break. The last 7 days were amazing. With this schedule of days or weeks away from home sometimes the home coming is sweet and sometimes it is not as smooth as one would hope. I wrote many times about the preparations that go into Mr. Right coming home in “He is coming home!!!”, I also wrote about the struggle to find a balance in “Folks we are experiencing turbulence due to colliding fronts” and in “Unclear try a different freq.”.  But what does it take to have a perfect break, what is the formula for a perfect week?
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