It’s easier when it’s by choice

As a pilot’s wife we are used to being alone a lot. We plan for the times that husband is scheduled to fly and fill that time in with activities, chores and whatever to not feel the gaping hole he leave behind. All the while the pilot is at work busy doing what he needs to do and what he loves to do, but still missing the comforts of home. It is a balance that you reach after years of being married to a man who is on the road and away from home for more than six months a year. Continued in Relationships

Strenths and weaknesses (survey)

People are made up of a intricately woven fabric of characteristics and just as when we select a fabric we all have our preferences, silky to rough, fine and refined to harsh when we select a mate what one woman finds to be a strength another may see as a weakness. I collected all of the strengths and weaknesses that each survey participant listed and posted them in the survey - Lets talk about personality and your Pilot section. Because each individual is just that a collaboration of unique characteristics there is not a generalization as to what are shared characteristics of pilots besides maybe the one that 9 of us listed and that was  smart. Each pilot's partner seemed to have a their own picture of where their pilot excels and where they may struggle. I organized them in alpha order for ease of editing in the future. Check out the Survey page for details on how we see our pilots.

The whie knight

As a pilot’s wife you learn that despite your and his best efforts sometimes you have to do the tough things by yourself. I planned 6 weeks in advance son’s shots. He does better with daddy there and I really hate taking him all by myself, so I try to plan dentist and shot visits with daddy.

Today is the big day we are going in for the last three that son needs and then we are done until he turns 13 yrs.  So as I mentioned I planned this appointment on Mr. Right’s day off, six weeks in advance and would it not figure that a bank of fog comes by and decides that the coast of Louisianan is the best place to chill out and thus it hangs out; all day yesterday and today cutting Mr. Right off from entering the land and keeping him stranded on a platform. (bummer for all involved, but what can you do) Cont in Hanger Rats

Just could not resist

This was posted on one of the wife group boards I frequent and I just could NOT resist sharing it here.

Chuckle for the day ;0)

Gift ideas for Pilots

Picture is courtesy of BZ Winter Break

Every year this comes up somewhere on a blog or a discussion board “What are some good gift ideas for pilots?”

Well here is what I cam up with as suggestions. I won’t tell you what I got mine … well because you know he can read. However here are some things that have been flying around blogs, pilot wife girlfriend groups and what I thought of in general.


Gloves for pre-fighting
Air plane hallmark ornament

A nice watch
I got one of these for Mr. Right and he loves it, it is sun battery rechargeable.

Lunch box is another idea that wives rave about you can get it at
Sun glasses


Books - pilots do a lot of waiting arround ( a kindel maybe?).

Ms Santa Claus suite – this picture is from I thought it was cute. He  may also appreciate a more revealing lingerer but I figured you all can look that up yourselves.

Airplane - there you can find just about anything from fun knickknacks to clothing and of course all of the accessories like headsets, pilot knee boards and so on. I never am sure if buying him things he needs for work is fair because the stuff is work related not necessarily a fun Christmas gift but on the other hand if they love their gadgets why not.

A simpler time – has some very neat old aviation posters, propellers and airplane models. I just think their pin ups are beautiful and the gifts are very classy.

Sporty’s is another place to find some great ideas.

Such as this glass set

All in all you know your pilot and Christmas is about giving from the heart so have fun and if you are stuck I hope this post got your creative juices going.

Few additional ideas that came about are:

A painting or framed picture of the 1st aircraft your pilot soloed (one of my favorites it is so thoughtful)
A tie clip - of the airplane model your pilot flies. Aerospace jewelry is one place to get them I never used them but click here for their link
A magazine subscription

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

I decorated my home with all of my Christmas things. As I was decorating and pulling things out from the 7 Rubbermaid tubs I thought: "I have a very nice collection of Christmas decorations". My decorations in many cases are gifts from family and friends and each and everyone has a special meaning. I collect snowmen so the theme is predominately snowmen with a few Santas here and there and of course my nativity. Since pictures are worth a thousand words here are my favorite decorations.
 My Nativity

 This Santa holds a special place in my heart and he is gorgeous

 I think he is my favorite Snowman

 My huge cookie jar
 Little cookie jar
 Dining room table simple and lovely
 My breakfast room table - the table cloth is from Poland it is so cool
 My Angel - she just needs a tree now
My winter village.

Now that the decorations are up and I am about halfway done Christmas shopping and Mr Right is all done Christmas shopping I am looking forward to baking cookies and the big surprise for the little man that is coming next weekend. Ohhh I just can hardly wait. 

Go, turn and stop

While returning from my in-laws house tonight, Mr. Right and I were discussing the subject of driving. Very recently actually since we sold my Ford Escape and Mr. Right bought me the 2012 Mazda 3 Touring (Max) I have been very on the edge while he is driving. I have only had the car for a month and I absolutely love it, I LOVE it. But … when he drives I am very tense and jumpy, I get freaked out on turns and I do the whole shriek, air suction thing when we are coming up on another vehicle, this is a very new reaction since I used to never get nervous and I trust him completely while he drives his truck, flies an airplane or a helicopter so what gives in Max?
Continued in Relationships

The antici......................................pation

Yesterday Mr. Right was coming home from an 8 day hitch, we were both very excited to see each other. Usually he flies all day until down time and I don’t hear from him until the call or text that usually reads: “In the truck ETA 9:30 I hope”. Yesterday he flew his butt off early in the day and by 2:30 pm I got a text letting me know he was sitting on the beach and should be released soon. I was at the time at his parents’ house, hanging out with mom.
You know when your pilot is bored waiting for release or a flight when your phone becomes overwhelmed with sill text. Continued in Relationships