Chicken Risotto Alla Aggie

My friend and I were talking about food today and nice easy meals. One of my all time favorites came up and that is the Chicken Risotto alla Aggie. Would you not know it that I do not have a single picture of a meal I make often. I posted the recipe anyway and I will add a picture when I make it next time until then check out the recipe in Meals for Two

Heli Expo 2012

From the Heli Expo website

Heli Expo is coming to Dallas in February
Check out the details if you are interested in attending. We have never been but those of our friends who have say these events are awesome networking opportunities.

Building confidence through outastanding practices

Photo by Sam D. "Clouds"
Mr. Right has been with his current company for four and a half years.  I have visited the corporate site multiple times in the past, yet I have never gone inside prior to yesterday. My verdict is impressed beyond words.

We knew that they were a leader in safety, that is why we chose this particular Gulf company as our number one pick for Mr. Right to fly for and were very excited to receive an offer over four years ago. Another draw was that this company operates in the Gulf of Mexico in oil and gas as well as in EMS and has bases all over the world so growth opportunities are countless. My husband flies one of their small ships and as you have probably gathered from previous posts stays offshore on an oil rig during his hitch. It was time for his recurrence training and since I have a dear friend who lives in Louisiana I decided to tag along to get more time with husband and to sneak in few hours of girl time with my friend. Cont In the life of the Whirly Wife

Going back before we go foreward

It has been a bit busy around here with the holidays and all. We took little man in mid December to do the Polar Express ride and I would highly recommend it. It was great family fun and an awesome way to meet Santa.

Christmas was a bit unconventional since Mr. Right was away and thus we did it twice. We enjoyed Christmas Eve semi traditional with fish for supper and some of my usual fixings and then on Christmas day the family and I wend Christmas Story style with a Chinese take out for diner. It was great fun and just what we all needed. Followed two days latter by a real Christmas diner with turkey and all the fixings when Mr. Right came in from work.
We welcomed New Years with a big bang with a party with family and friends. Now we are making exciting plans for 2012 and are looking forward to a year full of learning experiences and family fun. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday as well.

Regional pilot job Fair January 21 2012

There is a regional Pilot job fair in San Antonio that we recieved a little flier on I thought I'd pass on the info just in case someone is looking
Here is the link JOB FAIR INFO