“It’s not how the dream is supposed to end..”

We lost a pilot this week in a fatal offshore accident. The information about the accident that has been released is very limited and the pilot’s identity was not made public. I was torn and still am if I should write about his death. After thinking on it for few days I decided that taking few minutes to reflect upon his death and sharing the emotions that rip through the company pilots and wives alike are worth sharing.

When an accident takes place especially one as horrific as this one, when a man gives the ultimate sacrifice and loses his life while doing his job it leaves everyone shaken. There is not much speculation of why he died. Sure we want to know if it was mechanical or pilot error, but we all know that either way it was an accident, because no man gets up in the morning planning on making a mistake or having his aircraft fail and not fighting for survival until his last breath. So we don’t look to place blame or even hear that it was a mechanical failure. What we all are doing is quietly and anonymously praying and hurting for his lost life and those who were close to him and now are left behind.

Knowing my husband’s company they are doing all they can to help the family, be it a wife with children or parents or siblings to manage somehow through this time.  To pick up the shattered pieces of their life and try to forge forward with his memory in place. He will remain alive in the hearts of those who knew him and loved him and in the hearts and minds of those who only met him in passing.

 I know that there is not much we can do as a community right now to help, we can only stay tuned and mourn the loss of one of our own. Our sadness and the hallo feeling surly does not compare to the feeling his family is experiencing. We only share in a little bit of the sadness and have the what if it was me, what if it was my husband, hovering in our minds. We still see our husbands we still talk to them daily, this man’s family lost that forever. There is nothing that can be said or done to take the feelings of grief away and make it all better, we can’t bring him back, we can only find some comfort in knowing that in his life he got to do what he loved the most.

 One of my husband’s friends said “It’s not how the dream is supposed to end..”

Treasure Hunt

Do you remember those days when you were a kid and the day was just sooo boring. Son had one of those days today. He just could not get it together in the area of entertainment.  The TV was boring, cars were boring, reading was boring, it was sooo boring. So Mr. Right came up with the idea of a treasure hunt.

We drew a map and burned the edges then crumpled it and soaked it in water with tea, then set it out in the sun to dry. In the meantime Mr. Right ran over to the store and for few dollars bought a set of hot wheels cars and went to the spot we agreed on and buried said set of cars, marking the spot with a paper X.  Cont. in  Hanger Rats

Just the two of us

Last month as a gift to each other Mr. Right and I decided to take a cruise to the Western Caribbean. The cruise was our birthday present and it was a four day mini vacation for he and I, son went to stay with Grandma and Pappie. Sometimes when you are married to a pilot it is mighty difficult to carve out time to relax and just be together. When he is flying you clearly are not together and when he comes home daily life takes over and there are things to do activities to attend, and the family as a whole stays busy busy, leaving no time for alone time or romance. so we decided to make time for just us.  Continued in Relationships