Oh the wonderful wonders of Skype

My husband and I just replaced our computers. He got a new Mac I got a PC. Since both are new, both are equipped with built in cameras and speakers and microphones all the bells and whistles. Before the new computers we felt like trying Skype would be a hustle and so neither of us really took the time to look into it.
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Little gifts from the heart

Whenever my husband works extra he brings our son a little something. Usually it is a toy from the Thomas the train series, since our son enjoys playing trains. Daddy and son spend hours building the tracks and rebuilding them.  Continued in Hanger Rats

A hug would do me right now

It is amazing how when life gets you down all you can think about is a hug from that one man who holds a very special place in your heart.  His support and love, touch and caring words make the whole ugly fall away. What to do when he is nowhere near to give that hug.
Being married to a pilot who is currently stuck off shore with limited phone privileges puts a damper on the whole rely on you to pick me up when I am down thing. For more Relationships

Ymmy Chicken Cheese Steak

Sometimes meat on a bun is delish. So here is a recipe wildly enjoyed by my family. Meals for two

50 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You

On one of the websites that I frequent one of the other wives posted this article from Reader's Digest. I read it and thought it was funny so I thought I'd share. 50 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did I is also in Pretty and Pretty Funny.

I really thought I had packing down.

We have a trip coming up for my brother’s wedding out of state. Since I pack for my husband every other week for work one would think I was a packing pro. Well - not so much. Cont in Relationships

Daddy’s Little Co-pilot

Sometimes I tend to think about the difficulties of having a pilot husband more than the perks that come with it. For example the fact that when we went over to see him this weekend he was able to take us up for a little joy ride in his helicopter. Our son for the longest time has been turning him down and finally this weekend he decided it was time and go flying with daddy. Continued in Hanger Rats

Soccer muffins

These are not quite for two but are awesome if your kids play sports for game snack or practice. Healthy and easy - Apple Banana Muffins


Communication is composed of "55% body language, 38% tone of voice, 7% content of words"  This pretty common knowledge that the same sentence when said in different tone with different facial expression can men two different things. It can go from positive to negative from encouraging to aggressive. There are many studies conducted on how different cultures communicate and what is acceptable in one is offensive in another. Majority of this is body language. So what happens when you take body language out of the equation. More in Relationships

In the name of science

I have received a tremendous amount of positive and very encouraging feedback about doing this study on what makes us pilot wives tick, how we cope and what tricks we have for child raising. So with great excitement I am setting out to compose a survey that will gather some data and allow me to compose some scientifically based generalizations.  My goal in all of this is to show that you are not alone, and how we all cope. It may take a while to fine tune the survey and to get it to address all of the different aspects of our lives with our beloved pilots. In the meantime as I am working on the study please e-mail me at whirlywives@aol.com if you are interested in taking the survey so that I can start compiling my contacts list. All response will be kept confidential that is why I request that the documents are e-mailed to me directly not posted on the blog. I will not use any real names or locations in the final report.  I will continue posting fun things, interesting topics as they come up. Thank you for supporting me and my blog, as well as for feeding my inquisitive nature and helping me find ways to share this wealth of wisdom that is waiting for us to be discovered.

Psych Babble

I have looked and looked for studies that show the effects of a pilot lifestyle on the immediate family (wife, children). There are not very many. There is some information out there about the personality that is desired by the employers, but not much on how the family reacts to constant travel and the danger factor. More ... in Relationships

What I am going to dream about

Sometimes a tough problem has a simple solution. Like the bug nightmares ... more on Hanger Rats

“There is no peace in this house but we have love a plenty”.

“There is no peace in this house but we have love a plenty.” - was my husband’s comment in bed couple nights ago. It was nine we just put our son to bed and he returned to ask if he could “camp” in our room. I set up his camping spot for the night. The entire room was busting at the seams with laughter and jokes while we were settling in for the night. The dog was in on t to and even the cat snuck in to see what all the noise was all about.
Normally we are busy running around to practices, games, play dates, trips to museums, and errands . When my husband returns from work he slides right into the hectic life and we are on the go. It is much different from the pilot life he leads while away where there is a lot of hurry up and wait going on there is a plan and procedure – we have fun. So he comes home and is enveloped in kisses hugs, animals laying on him, laughter and joy all around and a full schedule to top all the chaos off. Hmmm I do agree we have lots of love in this house but peace in the sense of quiet time to yourself is hard to come by. I know that he loves every minute of it.