Halloween whish from daddy

So yesterday I found out that daddy was going to beach in for the night, it is very rare anymore that he comes on land during his hitch. Usually once he goes out he stays off shore for the duration of his hitch anywhere from 7 to  whatever days. So as it was, Mr. Right was coming in for one night and son and I have been missing him since we were doing a lot of fun Halloween things without daddy, this year. We decided to pop over for a quick visit.

While son was busy playing with the new air-suction thingy gun daddy bought him daddy gave me this to hide and give to son today.  Cont in Hanger Rats

Halloween preparations

These are my ghosts being frosted for their "graves"

As I mentioned in my previous post my son loves Halloween. He is super excited about being a race car driver this year and going trick or treating with his friends. Since he loves loves this holiday I thought it would be fun to have some theme food around. My friend and her family came over today to do some fun deserts so that we can eat them tomorrow while carving pumpkins. Continued in Hanger Rats

Looking for balance ...

I will be the first to admit I am spoiled by Mr. Right. I rarely work, and I do it mostly to get out of the house – when he is home. I work so rarely that when I told one of my friends that I should go in to substitute teach he looked at me puzzled and said “You have a job? Really?” I know – and this is a very close family friend. Anyway  ...  Cont. In the life of the Whirly Wife

Fun day at the zoo

I had a reall great time playing with my camera today at the zoo. The kids had a blast at all the different exibits especially the monkeys. It was a much needed break in my crazy little life here in Texas. Enjoy the pictures I loved taking them.

Loaded my plate to the max

So I had quite a few things going, like parents-in-law moving and some home projects we finished up, some Christmas presents to get started, and I also wanted to do some festive things for Halloween. Well last night an opportunity came across which is pretty great (and if I make it through I will share the details) that i grabbed and now I am swamped. I am still determined to do all the fun stuff I planed with son for Halloween celebration including a zoo trip tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder why I get so busy I think I might be slightly masochistic. Check in for fun zoo pics tomorrow-ish.

The sticker deal

Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try to communicate with your child it is impossible to get through. I was there last week. Mr. Right was at work and after day three my son who usually is super good was having some serious issues with listening, following direction, attitude and not talking back. Before I knew it I was having screaming fights with him over everything from putting shoes on to bed time. Not my proudest moment and not very mature. Continued in Hanger Rats

Why having a pilot daddy rocks

Now that we are back from Europe it was time to get our life in order, vacation fun over. Little man was due for his four year old shots and I was not looking forward to taking him in. Knowing that daddy was coming off hitch on Tuesday I scheduled the nurse appointment for Wednesday so that we both could take our son. Continued in Hanger Rats

My life will change drastically

My life will change drastically in just couple of weeks my parents –in-law will be relocated and living 45 minutes away from me. I am so excited about this development, for so many reasons.  For four years now I have lived in the great state of Texas with my Mr. Right and our boy - which really means that 6 to 8 month of the year it was just the son and I. No more. In two weeks we will have Grandma and Pappie just two towns away. Continued in Relationships


So I bet many of you are seeing my background going what the… why a blooming flower in the fall? Well there is a type of a flower in Poland that is called a zimowit. This is a flower that blooms before the 1st snow fall and its name means winter welcomer, it blooms in the fall and then recedes into the ground for the winter. In the spring the flower had green leaved and no blooms. Pretty neat. My son and my tata (dad)  relocated them in my tata’s garden and thus they bloomed a little early this year so I got to see them. Here are the pictures, enjoy.
The bulbs before being planted

Wieliczka - Salt mine

This is one of the most incredible places in the world, where you experience the force of nature and the strength and determination of man working together and creating something truly amazing. The mine began forming about 13.5 million years ago. The mining activities started in the middle ages and continued until 1996. There are two stories as to how the mine formed you are welcome to choose which you believe: Continued in Polska - Poland


We visited multiple castles and a heritage village while in Poland. I love to see and learn how people used to live and the things they used to build shelter and later to make furniture. Here are the few castles that we visited in Poland, there are many many more that are worth seeing but those will come on the next visit to Europe. To read stories about the castles and some legends about nobility, dragons and a little family tit bit check out Polska - Poland

Flavors of Polska

I love Polish food it goes without saying that the food you grow up with is the food that is comforting to you. My favorite is Polish bread with real butter, it is crunchy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside, the rolls are to die for. In addition to bread I will never turn my nose up at my grandmother’s meat pierogies with bacon bits, yumm (my son and husband cleaned her out when we were there I wish I had pictures of my four year old stealing pierogies from my plate). And for those of you who are familiar with Polish cuisine kluski served with chicken and cabbage is another diner that just makes me warm and fuzzy. Buckwheat is something that my dad frequently uses in place of potatoes or rice and I can’t find it anywhere and oh do I love it so.  A lot has also changed since I was a child and there are more varieties and more influences from other cuisines than I remember so where I didn’t document every meal I have some pictures to share with you of the fabulous food that we consumed. Continued in Polska