Flavors of Polska

I love Polish food it goes without saying that the food you grow up with is the food that is comforting to you. My favorite is Polish bread with real butter, it is crunchy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside, the rolls are to die for. In addition to bread I will never turn my nose up at my grandmother’s meat pierogies with bacon bits, yumm (my son and husband cleaned her out when we were there I wish I had pictures of my four year old stealing pierogies from my plate). And for those of you who are familiar with Polish cuisine kluski served with chicken and cabbage is another diner that just makes me warm and fuzzy. Buckwheat is something that my dad frequently uses in place of potatoes or rice and I can’t find it anywhere and oh do I love it so.  A lot has also changed since I was a child and there are more varieties and more influences from other cuisines than I remember so where I didn’t document every meal I have some pictures to share with you of the fabulous food that we consumed. Continued in Polska

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