Let's Start with Warszawa

My visit to Poland started with several weeks of family time and outings; we visited historic castles and the zoo, as well as visiting some of my corners that I frequented as a child. All of this will come, but first I want to share with you the pictures from Warszawa (Warsaw).
I traveled 1st class via train from Silesia to Warszawa to meet up with my husband who flew in from France after visiting Normandy.
My evening in Warszawa was spend with my childhood friend. We went to elementary school together so we date back well over 20 years. Our friendship withstood miles of physical separation and when we finally found ourselves in one room there was no stopping the chatting and catching up over a glass of wine. It was so lovely to have this time with her to meet her husband and beautiful daughters, for the 1st time. My son made fast friends with her girls right away and they somehow managed to communicate in both Polish and English and played splendidly (now they demand to Skype - maybe a new friendship has formed).
The day in Warszawa was full of amazing sites and little history lessons. I am not good at history, honestly I don't have a head for dates, but find the stories fascinating, my husband on the other hand has studied up on Polska in general and thus had great understanding of the history of Warszawa and had a ton of questions. Thank you to my dear friends for answering them all.  Continued in Polska

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  1. Lovely pics! I have been to Warsaw a couple of times for work, but unfortunately the weather was always crappy. Once I was there in summer, but then we only were limited to office buildings... Happy for you that all was so much fun!