Why I have not had much to say

It has been very difficult to write when my days and nights have been preoccupied with caring a baby.  It has been a rough 22 weeks during which I struggled with a lot. I am very excited to be pregnant, I am even more excited to have made it the 22 weeks. The 1st trimester has been very rough, plagued with fears of miscarriage that drove me to insomnia which was compounded by a nonstop morning sickness. I counted minutes, hours and days to the moment that we were out of the woods which came about 6 weeks ago. I struggled very much and still do with enjoying this pregnancy, experiencing a miscarriage once let alone twice definitely takes a toll on the innocence of never having that experience. When I was pregnant with my son I feared a little and I worried but not to this extent, I didn’t truly comprehend the hell that going through a miscarriage is. 
Cont. In the life of the Whirly Wife