Baby quilt

Week 25 is here and after looking at the calendar with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas so very close to my due date we decided that it is time to do the nursery. I chose my colors, they are lilac purple and light green. Mr Right is in the process of painting the nursery and I worked on the little ladies quilt today.
I started off with 5 fabrics, a little flannel for the bottom sheet four quilting fabrics for the top sheet and batting. All the fabrics cost a little over $60.00 which is not too bad since I will refinish two valances, a bumper, make a quilt and hope to have enough left to make a crib skirt.
I searched on  YouTube different tutorials on how to make a quilt. My biggest concern was that this was my very 1st time quilting and I really wanted the quilt to turn out nice. I was scared that if I just made it the traditional way and made the top sheet and then tried to combine the fabrics it would get bunched up and not turn out so well. In my search I came across this awesome video on quilting as you go. Check it out this lady is great and she made it so easy.
I went ahead and remeasured and cut all my fabric swatches.
2 squares in 3 fabrics (total 6 squares) 12.5 inches
for the boarder I cut 6 sections 12.5 inches by 5.5 inches
for the tops of the boarder I cut 2 sections 34.5 inches

After I had my fabricks all cut I sewed the two squares and two boarder pieces (one on each side) into three strips. I ironed my strips to make sure that when I line them up they are perfect. And then I began assembling my quilt.

 I laied out the bottom flannel sheet, then the batting and then the 1st boarder strip. Because I wanted the edge to be a part of the bottom I left a little extra and folded the bottom sheet over the boarder strip to get a nice edge. I pined it all together and ran it through my sewing machine.

I lined up and pined the next layer

 and sewed it on. After I sewed it on I went ahead and ironed it to make sure that all of my seams look good. I repeated the process until all three strips and the boarder were sewen on.


After I had the entire quilt assembled I trimmed off the access batting and flannel, leaving enough flannel to fold over for a nice edge and pined it in place. I sewed the edge on and here is my completed quilt.

The entire project took about four hours and I love how it turned out. I can't wait to finish the nursery so that I can see how it all comes together. Stay tuned for more pictures. I am doing the nursery on a budget so I will share as we go how much we spent on what.

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  1. Super cute! I've been wanting to buy a sewing machine for awhile. I made a quilt once but had close supervision of someone who knew what they were doing. :)