In the name of science

I have received a tremendous amount of positive and very encouraging feedback about doing this study on what makes us pilot wives tick, how we cope and what tricks we have for child raising. So with great excitement I am setting out to compose a survey that will gather some data and allow me to compose some scientifically based generalizations.  My goal in all of this is to show that you are not alone, and how we all cope. It may take a while to fine tune the survey and to get it to address all of the different aspects of our lives with our beloved pilots. In the meantime as I am working on the study please e-mail me at if you are interested in taking the survey so that I can start compiling my contacts list. All response will be kept confidential that is why I request that the documents are e-mailed to me directly not posted on the blog. I will not use any real names or locations in the final report.  I will continue posting fun things, interesting topics as they come up. Thank you for supporting me and my blog, as well as for feeding my inquisitive nature and helping me find ways to share this wealth of wisdom that is waiting for us to be discovered.

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