Gift ideas for Pilots

Picture is courtesy of BZ Winter Break

Every year this comes up somewhere on a blog or a discussion board “What are some good gift ideas for pilots?”

Well here is what I cam up with as suggestions. I won’t tell you what I got mine … well because you know he can read. However here are some things that have been flying around blogs, pilot wife girlfriend groups and what I thought of in general.


Gloves for pre-fighting
Air plane hallmark ornament

A nice watch
I got one of these for Mr. Right and he loves it, it is sun battery rechargeable.

Lunch box is another idea that wives rave about you can get it at
Sun glasses


Books - pilots do a lot of waiting arround ( a kindel maybe?).

Ms Santa Claus suite – this picture is from I thought it was cute. He  may also appreciate a more revealing lingerer but I figured you all can look that up yourselves.

Airplane - there you can find just about anything from fun knickknacks to clothing and of course all of the accessories like headsets, pilot knee boards and so on. I never am sure if buying him things he needs for work is fair because the stuff is work related not necessarily a fun Christmas gift but on the other hand if they love their gadgets why not.

A simpler time – has some very neat old aviation posters, propellers and airplane models. I just think their pin ups are beautiful and the gifts are very classy.

Sporty’s is another place to find some great ideas.

Such as this glass set

All in all you know your pilot and Christmas is about giving from the heart so have fun and if you are stuck I hope this post got your creative juices going.

Few additional ideas that came about are:

A painting or framed picture of the 1st aircraft your pilot soloed (one of my favorites it is so thoughtful)
A tie clip - of the airplane model your pilot flies. Aerospace jewelry is one place to get them I never used them but click here for their link
A magazine subscription


  1. I got DH a subscription to TIME for his birthday. He loves it. It has real reading, and it comes weekly. Just adding a suggestion...

  2. That is great thanks Joanna :0)