It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

I decorated my home with all of my Christmas things. As I was decorating and pulling things out from the 7 Rubbermaid tubs I thought: "I have a very nice collection of Christmas decorations". My decorations in many cases are gifts from family and friends and each and everyone has a special meaning. I collect snowmen so the theme is predominately snowmen with a few Santas here and there and of course my nativity. Since pictures are worth a thousand words here are my favorite decorations.
 My Nativity

 This Santa holds a special place in my heart and he is gorgeous

 I think he is my favorite Snowman

 My huge cookie jar
 Little cookie jar
 Dining room table simple and lovely
 My breakfast room table - the table cloth is from Poland it is so cool
 My Angel - she just needs a tree now
My winter village.

Now that the decorations are up and I am about halfway done Christmas shopping and Mr Right is all done Christmas shopping I am looking forward to baking cookies and the big surprise for the little man that is coming next weekend. Ohhh I just can hardly wait. 


  1. I love your winter village! Wish I could see it for real.... :S Polly

  2. Your decorations look very pretty! And very breakable! I had to display only our indestructible decorations this year. And even some of them have met a sad fate!

  3. Thank you I do enjoy all of my decorations especially the village. I do have to say that I am very lucky in the fact that my son never ever cared about the decorations.