Semi Homemade Sicilian Fried Pizza

I learned how to make this from a friend of mine during Easter. She used to make it with her family when they lived in Italy and continues to make this delish meal for her kids. On Easter the pizzas were filled with ham and cheese, I filled mine today with pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Mr. Right and Son love it. Yum. Recipe in Meals for Two

Our Memorial Day weekend

We had Mr. Right home for the long weekend so it was amazing as was. We took the weekend to have family time. Continued In the Life of a Whirly Wife

Cinnamon Buns

I found this recipe on and I love it I did make few little changes because I don't like my cinnamon buns too sticky but I left most of the recipe as it was. I made these when my brother was visiting, what a great breakfast. For recipe visit Meals for Two

Getting a Little Wet During Pilot Training

Would you ever think that your pilot will be submerged in water while strapped into a fake cockpit and asked to get out as fast as he can while trying to help those who are weaker swimmers? It was news to me, when my husband came home from new hire training and shared with me all of the training details that he had to go through. I think that it is absolutely wonderful that the company my husband works for pays for the initial and then recurrent training in how to safely egress from a submerged helicopter that went down in the ocean. Not only does it take away the unknown of what to do now, but it also introduces the body to the shocks that it will go into while being dumped into frigid cold water with full gear on. Not a pleasant thought but really necessary in my mind so that it is one more “what if” that he is well prepared for. Enjoy the video taken by one of the other pilots during this riveting exercise.

My son's very very favorite Swedish Meatballs

This a recipe that was passed down to me from my mother-in-law and to her from her mother and t her from her mother. It is easy to make and absolutely delish. My son can not eat enough of it and Mr. Right enjoys them too. So I thought that I would share it will you all - recipe in Meals for Two

Chocolate Logic

 Once a month I crave it more than my next breath.  Once a month I seem unable to say “one or two pieces are enough you really don’t need to stuff your face with it until you feel sick”. Once a month I feel like if I don’t get it I may tear someone apart. Chocolate -  yup that simple chocolate.
Recipe in Meals for Two


Survey Sneak Peak

Last November I had an idea to collect some data from pilot wives and girlfriends to see how the lifestyle affects us and our children. How we cope with the changes in having a spouse at home for a while and then being a single parent and on your own. The surveys have been trickling in at a slow pace but I only have 18 towards my original goal of 100. So I thought I would put out a teaser and show you some of the results and how they will be presented in the final survey report.I selected the categories of sleep and resentfulness because they have come up recently on some of the pilot wife forums. Once you review the survey you will see that the questions are all encompassing, from personality types, communication styles children and so forth. Keep in mind that this is just a little tease and the survey has some wisdoms that are short answers and I need to compile them in order to share them. Think about the wealth of knowledge that we would all be able to draw from if I was able to collect 100. If you would like to participate in the effort and have not yet filled a survey out please feel  free to contact me at or pull the survey of the blog by clicking here.