New baby, new business equals a very busy mommy

I am so excited to share that not only is our Little Lady growing fabulously, Little Dude is adjusting beautifully and loves loves his sister, I also started a new venture.
This is something that I have been dancing around for a very long time and finally I said I am ready. So on April 26th I launched a new company Accessible HR.

Accessible HR is a Human Resources company specializing in providing creative and affordable Human Resources solutions to businesses of all sizes. We  help businesses with any Human Resources related questions, issues or tasks. We offer recruitment, training, consultation, salary configuration and multitude of other services. You can also learn more about the business on my website

It is very exciting to have had the opportunity to build this from ground up. I have few clients and am loving the work I do. It is rewarding and exciting. the services I offer really help smaller businesses without HR departments and seeing them fill positions and answering questions offering training is extremely satisfying.

It is taking me a bit to get my routine down, between house chores, new baby, spending time with Little Dude and work I find my time to be filled, yet it feel so right.

She is here!

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I know I have been absent for a very very long time, however the last couple months of my pregnancy have been pretty difficult and busy when I could do things. So I just wanted to share with all of you that little Lady arrived healthy and strong and we are trying to get some semblance of a schedule. I will return to writing shortly and share with you all the preparations, nursery pictures and some of the ups and downs of the last few months.
Until then

The Artichoke experiment

I love to cook, and I am pretty good at it. I always took pride in the fact that my family ate food that was made from scratch completely and home made versus processed. I cooked great food for the soul but not so great for the body. I am now facing a new challenge to learn a new way of cooking. From scratch is great but healthy and lean from scratch is even better. In my attempt for healthy meals I made some immediate adjustments, I bought a new cookbook, switched from vegetable oil to olive oil, I bought only white meats such as fish and chicken as well as turkey and I began a search for meals that include more veggies. In my new veggie search I decided to tackle the Artichoke.
I never ever made anything with an artichoke, fresh or otherwise. So I did some research called on the wisdom of some of my friends and tackled  the vegetable. After cutting some of the leaf tips off I steamed it and then I cut it open. Yikes the thing had hair, I was forewarned by my friend so I was king of prepared. I cut up the cleaned artichoke
I cut up some fresh chicken breasts and cooked the in 1 tbs of olive oil just until slightly browned.
After my chicken was cooked I added brown rice broth and the cut up artichoke. I let the whole thing simmer covered for about 40 minutes, to make sure my rice was cooked and that the artichokes were soft.

After sprinkling the meal with low fat Parmesan cheese we dug it. It was ok, I was not thrilled with the flavor or the texture. It was just ok. I guess I am excited that I managed the artichoke ok. I am still on a lookout for new recipes that are healthy and yummy. It might be tougher than I though.

My father in law sent this to me - VERY VERY FUNNY

A Pilot Father's Tough Love...

Most people today think it improper to discipline children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have had one of 'those moments.'

Since I'm a pilot, one method that I have found very effective is for me to just take the child for a short flight during which I say nothing and give the child the opportunity to reflect on his or her behavior.

I don't know whether it's the steady vibration from the engines, or just the time away from any distractions such as TV, video games, computer, iPod, etc.

Either way, my kids usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our flight together. I believe that eye to eye contact during these sessions is an important element in achieving the desired results.

I've included a photo below of one of my sessions with my son, in case you would like to use the technique...

Should work with your grandkids also.

Baby quilt

Week 25 is here and after looking at the calendar with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas so very close to my due date we decided that it is time to do the nursery. I chose my colors, they are lilac purple and light green. Mr Right is in the process of painting the nursery and I worked on the little ladies quilt today.
I started off with 5 fabrics, a little flannel for the bottom sheet four quilting fabrics for the top sheet and batting. All the fabrics cost a little over $60.00 which is not too bad since I will refinish two valances, a bumper, make a quilt and hope to have enough left to make a crib skirt.
I searched on  YouTube different tutorials on how to make a quilt. My biggest concern was that this was my very 1st time quilting and I really wanted the quilt to turn out nice. I was scared that if I just made it the traditional way and made the top sheet and then tried to combine the fabrics it would get bunched up and not turn out so well. In my search I came across this awesome video on quilting as you go. Check it out this lady is great and she made it so easy.
I went ahead and remeasured and cut all my fabric swatches.
2 squares in 3 fabrics (total 6 squares) 12.5 inches
for the boarder I cut 6 sections 12.5 inches by 5.5 inches
for the tops of the boarder I cut 2 sections 34.5 inches

After I had my fabricks all cut I sewed the two squares and two boarder pieces (one on each side) into three strips. I ironed my strips to make sure that when I line them up they are perfect. And then I began assembling my quilt.

 I laied out the bottom flannel sheet, then the batting and then the 1st boarder strip. Because I wanted the edge to be a part of the bottom I left a little extra and folded the bottom sheet over the boarder strip to get a nice edge. I pined it all together and ran it through my sewing machine.

I lined up and pined the next layer

 and sewed it on. After I sewed it on I went ahead and ironed it to make sure that all of my seams look good. I repeated the process until all three strips and the boarder were sewen on.


After I had the entire quilt assembled I trimmed off the access batting and flannel, leaving enough flannel to fold over for a nice edge and pined it in place. I sewed the edge on and here is my completed quilt.

The entire project took about four hours and I love how it turned out. I can't wait to finish the nursery so that I can see how it all comes together. Stay tuned for more pictures. I am doing the nursery on a budget so I will share as we go how much we spent on what.

Why I have not had much to say

It has been very difficult to write when my days and nights have been preoccupied with caring a baby.  It has been a rough 22 weeks during which I struggled with a lot. I am very excited to be pregnant, I am even more excited to have made it the 22 weeks. The 1st trimester has been very rough, plagued with fears of miscarriage that drove me to insomnia which was compounded by a nonstop morning sickness. I counted minutes, hours and days to the moment that we were out of the woods which came about 6 weeks ago. I struggled very much and still do with enjoying this pregnancy, experiencing a miscarriage once let alone twice definitely takes a toll on the innocence of never having that experience. When I was pregnant with my son I feared a little and I worried but not to this extent, I didn’t truly comprehend the hell that going through a miscarriage is. 
Cont. In the life of the Whirly Wife

A neat film about aviation

A friend of mine's husband participated in a competition to put together a short film of why he became a pilot. Not only is this a really neat over view of history of aviation but it shows his family members traveling through time as aviation grew and developed. I hope you enjoy the film and share it. If you like it hit like, if he wins by obtaining the most likes he will be able to have a diner with the CEO of his company. Pretty cool opportunity.

Why I became a pilot - VIDEO

His is the 1st video 1:15 minues long.

Picknic at Discovery Green in Houston

Today we had an appointment down town and we decided to stop by the Discovery Green on the way home and have a little picnic. It is a really pretty area with seating, water features, and wide open spaces for play, there are even little in closed yards for your doggies. Even though it was a hot day the park was comfortable in the shade and the kids that took part in the water play really enjoyed the splash pad and the water feature - there was a lot of squealing and laughter. I can definitely see it as a great place for fairs and events or just a little escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Very cute place to visit.

Why I want to be a pilot

Kids have the most idealistic points of view. This little article is funny. Enjoy.

When life hands you lemons get a puppy

2012 has been crappy to say the least. We have lost three grandparents and an aunt in a span of 6 months and Mr. Right has been sick and out of commission for a while now. Staying positive has been a challenge to say the least. Yet it is in human nature to look for the good not just at the bad.

I try to focus on the good things that are coming, when they will get here I don’t know but I know that there are things in the works for us and we just need to be patient. While we wait it is very hard to stay focused on the good.  I keep listing in my mind all the wonderful things in our lives like the fact that we have a beautiful healthy son who is just the best, we have a gorgeous house, we have genuine, caring friends and a loving supportive family. Sometimes those pep talks are just not enough, and the bad overshadows the good. The mood is sour and it is hard to place a smile on even though I know that that is exactly what my family needs from me.
Cont. In the life of the Whirly Wife

Children - Survey - *NEW

Being a parent is the most interesting, stressful, and rewarding job I have ever had. It is a job where you get paid with hugs and kisses and you feel your way through it, hoping that the report card or evaluation you receive in 20 years is a good one.  It is a harder job yet when you have a nutty schedule. There have been many books written about children, and their behaviors many suggest that kids thrive on routine, and that lack of routine can lead to some behavioral issues. Since I don’t have a child psychology degree I will not venture into the theories on routine and behavior, I can share with you what some of the wives including myself noticed in our children. A very wise girlfriend that I have, and value said to me before my son was born: “Aggie, every child is different and you as a parent will know what works for your child and your family, no one else can tell you how to raise him or what he needs because no one lives in your house and knows what your family needs. As long as you do things that are best for him and your family as a whole you will be fine”. She is a very smart woman and one I hold dear to my heart, five years into being a mom I can tell you that her advice was priceless. Keep this advice in mind when you read this take what you can use and leave the rest.
Look in Survey for the remainder of the post under section Children marked *NEW

Chicken Pot Pie

Sometimes comfot food is what the soul needs, so I made a chicken pot pie een tough its summer it is a feel good meal in our home. Check out the recepe in Meals for Two.

Veggie soup

I was craving some good healthy veggie soup. It turned out so great that hubby sang its praises and he is not a big veggie fan. Here is the recipe it is easy and yummy and makes alot so you can freeze some for later. Meals for Two