Parenting roles

Since I have been on my own for couple of days I have had a lot of time to think. I always try to reflect on my life and my roles to asses if I am where I want to be and if I need to change direction of where my life is going as a mom, wife and professionally. I am not a person who sits down and allows life to float her however it chooses. I make very conscious choices with Mr. Right about where we are headed next as individuals and as a family. Of course sometimes our plans get spoiled and then we reassess the situation, make a new plan. Maybe I am a  control freak, maybe I just want to look back when I am old and know that I have lived my life without regrets – neither is a guarantee and I know that things change thus I reflect upon life often. It may seem like I go back and forth about things at times and I am undecided but I think that is natural.

Pappy and Grandma to the rescue …

So as my previous post suggests I have not been a star mother for the last few days. With Mr. Right gone and me fighting this crap my little man was left to do much of his own entertaining which in turn entertained mommy. By day 3 he was feeling cabin fever and had just about enough of putting on shows for mommy. We managed ok with meals and a bath and all that but it was not fun for the little man. Cont In the Life of the Whirly Wife

It’s not that bad … except for at night

I have been very sick and I will get better but it is hard, pilot is gone for a week and I am on my own. I draw tremendous strength from how sweet he has been even from afar. He texts whenever he is in between flights just to check in on us and calls every night. He talks to me about his day since mine is limited to the couch and our bed as my strength is just not there yet to go prancing around.

Cont In the Life of the Whirly Wife

Helicopter Pilot Poster

So these have been circulating on Facebook form stay at home moms, doctors, home schooling etc. So Mr. Right and I thought that it would be fun to make one for Helicopter Pilots. Here is what we cam up with. Images are courtesy of Google Image.

Easy broccoli soup

 My mother -in-law makes this soup. It is easy and yet so so yummy and healthy too. See the recipe in Meals for Two

Creating fog

This picture was shared by one of the pilots who works for the same company as Mr. Right. These are beach front condos off of the coast of Florida and the fog is coming off of the Gulf of Mexico water. It is amazing to have such a clear visual of how when you get the perfect air temperature and movement mixed with just the right amount of moisture you may see fog forming. Whoever took this picture thank you.

The Scarlett O’Hara approach

Being a mom is the most rewarding, challenging and heart touching job I have ever had, but even from the most amazing job you need a day off now and again.
As a stay at home mom I am the go to person for son and Mr. Right for a lot of things and let’s be honest here I love it. I love the fact that I cook meals and they just can’t get enough of my food. I love cleaning the house and doing laundry (especially now in my fancy shmancy new washer). I love giving hugs and reading stories, kissing booboos and my favorite pass time is cuddles. Those are just few of the things that moms are all about we are nurturers and developers, teachers and moral supporters we are cheerleaders and disciplinarians and sometimes we are just plain human and need a break. Continued In the life of the Whirly Wife

Like off of the set of Twister and a new washer.


So you all probably heard in one way or another that last week Texas had a big bad storm come through. My husband once again has gotten stuck on the oil platform where he works – I wrote about getting stuck in It’seasier when it’s by choice. It was crazy foggy where he was so our high hopes for him coming home were fogged up (he he).

So Tuesday was not such a great day since I was told no go on the coming home, also while doing laundry my washer of 11 years, that has served me very well took a crap when the belt burned out (it never fails things break when they are gone- always). It was kind of a blessing because I am one of those people that will wear a t-shirt until it has holes in it, drive my car until it leaves me stranded on the side of the road multiple times and finally refuses to run all together (the washer actually outlived my Ford Escape truck – sad) anyway so this poor washer was loud and at the end I could only do medium size loads because if I filled it all the way it leaked a lot a little.
 Continued It the life of the whirly wife