Like off of the set of Twister and a new washer.


So you all probably heard in one way or another that last week Texas had a big bad storm come through. My husband once again has gotten stuck on the oil platform where he works – I wrote about getting stuck in It’seasier when it’s by choice. It was crazy foggy where he was so our high hopes for him coming home were fogged up (he he).

So Tuesday was not such a great day since I was told no go on the coming home, also while doing laundry my washer of 11 years, that has served me very well took a crap when the belt burned out (it never fails things break when they are gone- always). It was kind of a blessing because I am one of those people that will wear a t-shirt until it has holes in it, drive my car until it leaves me stranded on the side of the road multiple times and finally refuses to run all together (the washer actually outlived my Ford Escape truck – sad) anyway so this poor washer was loud and at the end I could only do medium size loads because if I filled it all the way it leaked a lot a little.
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