Our Easter

I know that almost a week has passed and I am just now getting to writing about our 1st Easter without daddy, it has been a little busy with me trying to keep up running 3 miles every other day and getting some stuff done before my brother and his wife come to visit next week. So here is, my little recap of how the holiday went. Continued In the life of the Whirly Wife

Missing Daddy

Our son has been very busy since daddy went back to work with swim parties, shows and friends coming over not to mention the multiple bike rides on his new Lightning McQueen bike. So there has not been much time to talk to daddy let alone Skype – and it is taking its toll. Continued in Hanger Rats

Words of thanks

While I was getting ready for Mr. Right to come home, as I ran all the errands, balanced our checkbook, paid bills, went food shopping and cleaned the 5 bedroom house -  I thought “he really has no idea how much work goes into running this house”, because he comes home to a very clean and organized house. Yet even though he does not see the work being done he always says “Thank You”. Continued in Relationships

Another inch bites the dust.

I have done few posts on weight loss, measuring your waist and health benefits of waist to hip ratio, sparkpeople.com weight loos program and running. I thought that since I weighed in this morning and measured in I would share my little success.
Continued In the life of the Whirly Wife

Crab Filled Crepes

 I had some imitation crab the little guy wanted crepes and I wanted to use the crab so I thought about what to do and this is the result. I found the sauce recipe in a cookbook it was for seafood crepes, but since I really only wanted the crab and veggies I made up my own. The recipe is in Meals for Two

A supportive family

It’s hard to feel like a good husband and father being away so much. And I know I get more time with my family then most men, but there is a certain amount of helplessness I feel when away. The universes grand plan doesn’t care if I’m home or not when it sends my little boy a stomach-ache, or cold. I can’t plan my life around my wife’s sore back or rough day. I want to be there for my family when these things happen, but tough. Even though my wife understands this and generally never pressures me to come home, I feel like that is what I’m telling her, “tough”. Because that’s what circumstance is telling me. Continued in Pilot's Voice


The great thing about being married to a pilot is the fact that they can navigate anywhere and have a knack at finding fabulous places to visit. So this year once again  we have taken our Texas tradition bluebonnet trip. Every year since our little guy has turned one we have gone to the rolling hills of Texas during spring to take some pictures with the state flower in the background. This year was no different. Continued in Relationships

I have high hopes for tonight.

Since Mr. Right went to work few days ago I have not been able to sleep. I am tired, very tired but sleep is not there I can’t fall asleep then when I do I wake up three hours later, four at most and then it is toss and turn and toss and turn. When he is home I sure can find a way to occupy some of the time and then lights out but since he is not here it is cold sheets and long long hours of exhausted attempts at falling asleep. Continued in Relationships

My 1st 5.8 miles

I wrote a bit about walking and getting into running in a previous post – Weight obsessed … not really. Today I took on the 1st run that would push me beyond where I thought I would ever be and that was 5.8 miles nonstop.Continued In the life of the Whirly Wife.