Weight obsessed … not really

I recently did a post on Sparkpeople.com and my desire to unload some of the unwanted weight. I have been staying relatively on task with my getting healthy plan. I try not to get overly obsessive and still enjoy life  (like not count every calorie when at a party) but I really really want to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I gave myself until this summer. Reasons are just plain desire to be healthier. I don’t have a whole bunch to go but sometimes regardless of the great progress I feel like it is an uphill battle. More in In the life of a Whirly Wife

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  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting earlier. The BodyMedia Fit actually monitors you 24 hours a day and tracks things like your sleeping patterns too. It's a nifty little gadget.

    It's really the little changes that add up over time. Looks like you've got a sound approach and have been doing well on your journey.

    I've been running for so many years now, my times have pretty much stalled. Getting even a 10 second improvement in my 5k times would be a big deal to me. I'm looking for any advantage I can get here :) Since I don't have much (really any) to lose, I'm trying to take a scientific approach.

    Normally I'm not so nutty :) On a regular morning, I consider it a win if my pants still button.