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Now that my pilot is on hitch and it is just me and the little guy and the holiday cookies are all gone I am back on the Spark. Let me preface by saying that I am no being sponsored or compensated by Spark People in any way for putting the post on my blog. They probably will never even know that I wrote about this.
Spark People is an awesome website that helps you track your calories, your exercise  and your accomplishments for free. The rewards of being on this program are not only a weight loss but it is a change in lifestyle to a healthier life with better diet and exercise.  I have been doing it on and off for 6 years I use it to get me back on track when I stray and it is amazing what a huge difference it makes when you treat your body well.
I am eating healthier with the ultimate goal of losing the unwanted weight that snuck up on me with all of the holiday deliciousness that was all around hard to resist. Because you know at no point while I was consuming chocolate and cookies by the truck load did it occur to me that I may suffer some added padding on my derriere.  I am also back to walking. It is a little cold so my walking partner and I have been bundling up the kids in the Shwin with blankies and scarves and hats, but having two kids under the age of 5 has not slowed us down a bit we just make sure they get a playground reward during our journey. The exercise serves the purpose of walking off the darn mountains of cookies I ate in the last month. It is also amazingly refreshing for the mind. The cold air and the fast pace along with some wonderful company makes for a very relaxing even if a little masochistic pass time – since after - even though my heart and soul are happy my body feels beaten but I guess what else is there to expect after a 6 mile power walk. Oh I do hope that my walking and eating routine that is on the healthy path will remain so.

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