It’s a little windy

I am sure I am not the only wife who gets the ramp calls. Just landed, about to take off, love you, will be staying off shore today, calls that are made while walking to his aircraft. Continued in Relationship

The little things make a huge difference.

Ahhh the pilot wife reality is that you spend some holidays and some important days all by yourself while your husband is out on a trip.Yesterday was my birthday and I tried like the dickens to keep busy... Continued in Relationship

Cheese Ravioli and Yellow Squash

I took the easy way out today on diner. I usually try to cook from scratch and come up with some healthy yummy meals for the Little Dude and I when daddy is on a trip. Today I was just in the mood for some grilled veggies and easy diner to go with, so I threw together this flavorful  yet EASY diner. When I bought the Philadelphia Italian Cooking Cream I was not sure what I would use it for  but it is proving very fun to experiment with and it is so delish that it's easy to incorporate into meals. Little Man does not like it (too many spices he says) so he had the grilled squash, ravioli with butter but it is fun for adult taste buds. Recipe in Meals for Two

“Always inspect the hole before you put a stick in it”.

So these things usually happen to me when my pilot is away but today he happened to be at home.  I have been doing a lot of carpet cleaning lately and thus the steam cleaner was kind of gross. I decided naturally to clean it. Since I could not get all the hair out from the little slit I decided to use a knitting needle and a paper towel to wipe the hair out. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Well the paper got stuck followed by the knitting needle. What to do now?
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“It won’t run on mud babe”

Last week while hubby was away my car went on the fritz (it always happens when your pilot is gone). I was so annoyed because really we just put almost a thousand dollars into a new clutch and the mechanic looked it over and said that it looked good. So when it would not start without the gas pedal being pushed in I was pretty disappointed. I drove it home with my foot on the gas (it’s a stick so I could get away with using my left foot for clutch and break).
Continued In the life of he Whirly Wife

Coupon Chief and running shoes

I always look for the best deal out there and it is no secret that sometimes online you can buy items at a much lower price than in the store. To make it better you can shop multiple retailers and find prices without having to get in and out of the car – with a toddler it is exhausting to load and unload. It is not a secret to my friends that I also hate shopping.  Even if I really want something it still feels like punishment to have to go to the stores and shop. So online shopping is easier for me especially when I can get a deal.
Lately I have been exploring coupons for online shopping and where I am no expert I still wanted to share what I found. invited me to check out their website so curiosity won out and I played around.   Coupon Chief is a website that has 50,000 coupons for 1500 retailers. Since I am shopping for running shoes anyway I thought why not try to get a more expensive shoe at a lesser price using one of their coupon codes. It is amazing how many coupons there are. People submit deals and users rate their success with the coupons.
The site is easy to use you can search for your coupon anyway you want by product, store or manufacturer. I found coupons for Adidas and Nike, New Balance as well as JC Penny’s and others. I am still trying to decide on what type of running shoe I want.  I walked forever but I just recently started running and the world of running shoes seems totally overwhelming. I am definitely going to continue using Coupon Chief when I shop online since there are coupons for just about anything you can imagine it is a great resource for product research and saving money. Check out the website for your online shopping savings and if you have some running shoe wisdom to share please do, I can use some pointers.

Beef and Broccoli

When I go to a Chinese Restaurant it is pretty much a   given that I will order wanton soup and egg roll and beef and broccoli. I LOVE beef and broccoli. Several years ago I have tried making it myself and after trying few recipes I found one that was pretty close to the real thing in Simply Quick and Easy cook book. After few tries and some tweaking I finally have it down to where it turns out great every time. Son loves this so I make enough to last two meals. Although if not careful we could polish off 14oz of stake in one sitting. Recipe in Meals for Two

On a whim

I have been feeling a little blah for a while. There is not a particular reason, I was not depressed but I was not in a super duper energetic mood either. Then I had an unexpected treat that just gave me an amazing boost and a high that has been lasting for days. Continued In the life of a Pilot's Wife

Locks of Love

It has been on my heart for quite a while now to donate my hair to Locks of Love.  Locks of Love is a great organization helping children who suffer from loss of hair primarily from alopecia or cancer.  I always wanted to donate hair but never had quite enough or it was highlighted throughout and I could not donate. Continued In the life of the Whirly Wife