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Being a parent is the most interesting, stressful, and rewarding job I have ever had. It is a job where you get paid with hugs and kisses and you feel your way through it, hoping that the report card or evaluation you receive in 20 years is a good one.  It is a harder job yet when you have a nutty schedule. There have been many books written about children, and their behaviors many suggest that kids thrive on routine, and that lack of routine can lead to some behavioral issues. Since I don’t have a child psychology degree I will not venture into the theories on routine and behavior, I can share with you what some of the wives including myself noticed in our children. A very wise girlfriend that I have, and value said to me before my son was born: “Aggie, every child is different and you as a parent will know what works for your child and your family, no one else can tell you how to raise him or what he needs because no one lives in your house and knows what your family needs. As long as you do things that are best for him and your family as a whole you will be fine”. She is a very smart woman and one I hold dear to my heart, five years into being a mom I can tell you that her advice was priceless. Keep this advice in mind when you read this take what you can use and leave the rest.
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