“There is no peace in this house but we have love a plenty”.

“There is no peace in this house but we have love a plenty.” - was my husband’s comment in bed couple nights ago. It was nine we just put our son to bed and he returned to ask if he could “camp” in our room. I set up his camping spot for the night. The entire room was busting at the seams with laughter and jokes while we were settling in for the night. The dog was in on t to and even the cat snuck in to see what all the noise was all about.
Normally we are busy running around to practices, games, play dates, trips to museums, and errands . When my husband returns from work he slides right into the hectic life and we are on the go. It is much different from the pilot life he leads while away where there is a lot of hurry up and wait going on there is a plan and procedure – we have fun. So he comes home and is enveloped in kisses hugs, animals laying on him, laughter and joy all around and a full schedule to top all the chaos off. Hmmm I do agree we have lots of love in this house but peace in the sense of quiet time to yourself is hard to come by. I know that he loves every minute of it.

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