The whie knight

As a pilot’s wife you learn that despite your and his best efforts sometimes you have to do the tough things by yourself. I planned 6 weeks in advance son’s shots. He does better with daddy there and I really hate taking him all by myself, so I try to plan dentist and shot visits with daddy.

Today is the big day we are going in for the last three that son needs and then we are done until he turns 13 yrs.  So as I mentioned I planned this appointment on Mr. Right’s day off, six weeks in advance and would it not figure that a bank of fog comes by and decides that the coast of Louisianan is the best place to chill out and thus it hangs out; all day yesterday and today cutting Mr. Right off from entering the land and keeping him stranded on a platform. (bummer for all involved, but what can you do) Cont in Hanger Rats

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