Survey this and that

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It has been a year since I began this survey project (well at the end of this month). My original goal was to collect 100 surveys in a year and then publish the results of how the life style affects the wives and children. The time is upon me to make some decisions about this survey. So here is where I am and what I am thinking about.
I have 23 completed survey so 77 short of my goal, however the surveys I have have some amazing wisdoms in them that I would like to share and I feel guilty just storing this information on my hard drive. I thought about maybe continuing to collect the surveys and publish what I have up to this point. I would create a separate page on this blog and post the information I gathered this far, then as new surveys come in I would update the page. There are benefits to this and there are also negatives.
The benefits:
  • Results would be posted
  • Information bank would continue to grow
  • As the industry changes the survey would change
  • The survey would be a living reflection of what is happening in the industry
  • Having some things out there may encourage other wives and partners to add their few cents
The negative side of this:
  • Some of the later surveys maybe skewed by the information that is published
  • Since there is no end to collecting the information this will not be a very scientifically accurate survey (but I really don’t know that it matters)

So since this is for all pilot wives and not just for me. What are your thoughts on publishing now yet continuing to collect. Penny for your thoughts.


  1. Since there are so few resources out there for us, I'd be curious to see the results you have. :)

  2. I'm all for publishing it now. As a pilot's wife who submitted comments to you early on, I'm curious to see what my fellow pilot's partners think about issues we all face.