So close

Alrighty then, we are in the last stretch before departing for Europe and I feel like I have a pretty solid handle on everything. My weekend went great with my friend visiting with her family. We had a little celebration for the boys’ birthdays they are 2 months apart and celebrated their 4th birthday, we had a party which was wonderful and the whole weekend flew by much too quickly.  Continued In the life of the Whirly Wife


  1. I feel bad telling you this, but in London (UK) you cannot pay in EURO's, they use the Pound (GBP) and in Poland they have the Polish Zloty (PLN)... so no Euro's......

  2. Don't feel bad I am glad you told me. I figuerd it out this morning when talking to my friend who is from London. No harm done as my husband is going through France for several days so he can use them up there and I will just take the US dollar and exchange there. Oh well small hickup ;0)