Day 3 in Poland and travel recap

I have had the most wonderful time visiting with my family. My trip to Poland was a long one since I was traveling all the way from Texas. It took 25 hours for me to travel from my doorstep to my dad’s. Due to my preparations it was an easy trip and here is why.

I had my wallet, boarding passes and passports only in a separate back pack pocket so I did not have to dig to get to my documents.
I had planed my packing for a while and had pre-packed few days before the trip so that I could add last minute items and not rush packing.
I had entertainment, movies, games, books and coloring books for my four year old so he was not bored.
I bought snacks (thank you Polly) in the US airport so I didn’t have to worry about fees or lack of money in London because I was stocked.

I took off out of Houston and the night flight was a great option since son slept almost the entire time, except from during meals and a little after we boarded. I actually had to wake him up an hour before arrival for breakfast. My time in London was a three hour layover. Heathrow is a huge airport with a metro and I am glad I had it. Since I did not land there before it took me few minutes to figure out where to go, that I had to take the underground to another terminal. We had a grand time checking out the stores and then we boarded.

Jetleg is a bit more of a problem for son than I. He has picked up his mid-day naps again but he is starting to go to bed more regularly at a normal time and where he woke up sever limes the first two nights he slept all of last night in a solid stretch. I am on local time and doing fine I even ran today. Stay tuned for more of the fun facts and things that son and I are doing.


  1. Love the pics of the zoo. Keep us posted! What does Sam think about everyone speaking a different language?

  2. Sam was learning Polish at a lightning speed. I think at 1st when I started teaching him Polish he tought I was making stuff up, now he is eating it up and seem sto understand a lot. I am hoping to keep te momentum going.