It’s all about mama

After a long stretch of being on my own with a sick boy and sporting a cold of my own, my wonderful husband treated me to a “Mama day”.  A day just for me all alone at the house with nothing to do. Continued in In the life of the Whirly Wife


  1. It's definitely important to take time for yourself... even if for just a little bit every day.

    When I take time for myself, I like to read something that I enjoy, or get a pedicure... or even maybe run on the treadmill. Pretty much anything that lets me enjoy the moment and not worry about everything that's going on in life (although that's been pretty tough lately).

    Sounds like you had a nice and relaxing day to yourself... and falling asleep in a hammock sounds perfect! (:

  2. Your post brought a smile to my face! I could totally picture you in the hammock!
    I agree that it is really important to have mommy time. Especially when you are a SAHM. For me it is maybe different because I am out of the house for 4 days. Nevertheless, I do take my own time. And also together we do. Then J goes to either my sister or to my parents for the night. I love her more than anything and eventhough she is only 8 months old now, I know that also I am a better mom if I have some alone time. Either by myself or with my hubby.

  3. Glad you got the time for yourself!