Ready or not here I come.

Daddy and son were playing hide and seek. I am sure that you have heard me sing prizes to my husband for being the best player ever. He turns into a kid around our son and just gets creative and has a blast playing. While they were playing hide and seek daddy hid under our computer desk, son found him right away because he is too tall and could not squash his six one under the desk (it’s a built in) and his feet stuck out.  Daddy hid in the closet, behind the door in the bathroom, behind the couch, in the laundry room. But the behind the suitcase under the blanket was the most successful. Our little guy ran by him like three times and did not notice daddy hiding there. Awesome hiding daddy, and kudos on being able to squeeze yourself into that tight spot between the cabinet and wall. It is so much fun when daddy is home.

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