Entertaining heaven

I absolutely love entertaining so I do it quite often. Sometimes it is a pot luck party and everyone brings an appetizer, it is a wonderful way to taste many different things from different kitchens. Other times it is a private diner party that is more intimate time to catch up or just enjoy company.  Entertaining by my definition is an evening of friends getting together and enjoying great food and wine and of course beer for the men.
Tonight I had a diner party. My dear friend and her husband joined us for diner. Even though she lives a stone’s throw away we have not seen each other since October so there was so much to catch up on.  I was really looking forward to having our friends over to share an evening and talk about the highs and lows of last few months.  In addition to the fabulous company we had great food and wine.
I served an Italian Herb Chicken and a wonderful polish potato dumpling as a veggie I served Honeyd Carrots and corn. For desert my friend brought a wonderful cheese cake and I had some fabulous Mocha Crinkles and brownies. The brownies were Betty Crocker so there is really no recipe to share.
Italian Herb Chicken
Honeyed Carrots
Mocha Crinkles

 I am just thrilled when I get to entertain. Our house has the perfect set up and not much makes me happier than cooking for my family and friends. I am not a fabulous cook but it is an area that gives me an outlet for my creativity so when my husband is home and I get a day or two of entertaining our friends I get so excited. I come up with fun menus or just an appetizer or two either way it is very satisfying.  I try to plan these get togethers when my husband is home but from time to time I do a girls night only. Either way it is always fun and this weekend was especially cool because I got to do a potluck and a diner party. Thanks Love.


  1. Wow, all that food looks incredible. How do I get an invite? lol

  2. It would take a bit of a flight for you, but hey ...