Employed on my terms

Ok so I am a stay at home mom, but once in a while I need to do something other than teaching our son. Since no HR department will hire an HR person who works when she wants to, I came across a perfect solution that works. I substitute teach - this position allows me to work when I want to which also means that our son gets to stay home with us, we get to take trips and have family tme as we choose to plan it. Our son gets time with mommy when daddy is away and when mommy is at work he gets daddy son time. Win win.
After 7 months of not working I returned to subbing today. I woke up at 5:30am, rolled out of bed, got dressed in professional attire, put on my make up and went downstairs. I ate breakfast standing up while renewing books at the library and packing my lunch. I wrote a honey do list for my husband and I headed out the door. I was covering for a speech teacher but since there was a mix up I only ended up covering  part of the day and was home by 9am. Way easy day, and what a sweet way to get re-entered into work. It was a little weird leaving this morning, sneaking out trying not to wake up anyone and being in the car alone, eating alone – can you tell I am not used to being alone. I thought at one point in the car “I didn’t check on my son!” – I didn’t want to wake him but it felt strange not to have seen him in the morning and kissing him. It also felt wonderful seeing all the teachers I have come to know over the last three years and catching up with them, put on pretty cloths and do something new.
I enjoy substitute teaching as it lets me into a new environment and it is fun to see the highschoolers , it takes me back in time. I usually sub for the math department because it is my favorite subject. The sweet thing about this job is the fact that I make my schedule and being married to a pilot it allows tremendous flexibility, keeping me involved in the work place at the same time. I am very lucky to have such a good thing going.

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