At least I have very clean floors ...

All pilot wives know that it is the  Rule is that when crap hits the fan it is always when the pilot is gone. Right ladies? Let’s take a look at my day today shall we?
At midnight because that is technically when the day began I was happily sitting in my bed reading a book that was so suspenseful that I just could not put it down.  By one am I decided that I really need to get some sleep before the little guy gets up and wants to start his day.
My blissful sleep was interrupted by a whining dog at three am who wanted to go potty. All right at least he woke me up so we are still doing good. Four am another nudge from Mr. Jitters who just can’t wait even though he went an hour before. So out we go.
Seven thirty am my eye is being forcefully pried open by the fingers of a three year old. I smile and then I think: "Man that poor dog has some gas". I wish! This is where the poo started to roll down hill. Mr. Jitters decided that waking me up was a pain in the ass so he was going to use the guest room as his place to relieve himself. The dog is 10 he knows better. So I start my day by picking up poo and cleaning rugs with my steam cleaner. Yey!
Ten thirty I am on my way to the library for story time and all is going well. Upstairs rugs are steam cleaned and the house is picked up, so we are doing good. Story times is fun we get some new books and DVD’s then off to return some stuff at Toys R Us. So far so good, bank and back home.
I am a little annoyed because I really wanted to walk but it is raining and it’s cold so there is now way I can hit the trails. Let’s try to be positive it’s not that bad even though it is raining and foggy and yucky and cold. I usually like a rainy day … today not so much.
Upon pulling into the driveway my car makes a grinding noise. Ugh REALY! Realy realy realy! So I try to reproduce the noise … being the wife of a pilot we always try to reproduce the problem because I know that I will be answering ten thousand question about the noise and where it came from and what is sounds like because you know he is not coming home for two more days and he will want to diagnose over the phone so he knows what he is up against. Well I hope that it will not be there but sure enough the car is grinding and now I figure out that it is most likely my clutch. Yey at least $700.00. Fabulous just what I wanted this month a new clutch … how did you know.
After venting to my girlfriend and brother I decided to wash my floors. Since the upstairs is so nice and clean might as well get on my hands and knees and get the rest of the house clean and get my frustration out. So I clean and I let my son help, he only pours a gallon of water onto the floor which I have to clean up but I am already cleaning so what’s the difference. In addition to cleaning an pouring water everywhere he keeps arguing with me and screaming – cleaning therapy … no success. And this is how I have the cleanest floors and I only feel a little bit like screaming. I see a glass of wine in my future.

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