And now I am a bread maker

After yesterday’s adventures to put it lightly I had a very productive day today. It began with playing with my son hide and seek then we cleaned the garage, washed my broken car, collected all the leaves from our back yard, washed the back deck, went for a 3 mile hike with a friend and her mom and met a friend at a park for play date then came home to make bread.
I think that I was so determined to have a good day that I just kept going like the energizer bunny. I really miss my husband and I tend to make myself very busy when I miss him.
I was a bit nervous about making the bread since I have never done that before and I don’t have a bread machine. None the less I had no bread and husband highly recommended not driving my car with the clutch on the fritz, and even though I could walk to the store, or ask someone for help my friend talked me into trying my hand at bread baking. Why not it is a wonderful opportunity. So I got the recipe from and it came out delish. I think I will be trying my hand at more types of bread beyond the French bread. All in all a very good day indeed.

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