Every family has traditions. When I was little growing up in Poland my family celebrated a very traditional Christmas Eve with a 12 course meal. Santa came on December 6th and the gifts under the tree were opened on Christmas Eve.  My husband’s family celebrated a very traditional American Christmas where Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve, the big meal is on Christmas Day and that is when you opened presents Christmas morning. Continued in Hanger Rats


  1. you mean the country of Poland?! I am 100% Polish! No $hit! My parents are both immigrants (my mom very young after WWII, and my dad in his late 20's). As a matter of fact Ben started Polish classes this fall, and he said his first word this weekend in the car: chicho (quiet).

  2. Yes I mean the country Poland. I moved here (US) with my parents at the age of 12. My dad moved back for a position at a medical school in the early 2001. So he is back there and so is the rest of my family with the exception of my mom and brother. How fun that you are teaching Ben Polish I teach my son a word here and there but since my husband does not speak it it is not a priority. Do you speak it?