My parents-in-law are here for the holidays and we are absolutely loving it. Especially my son who is loving the attention and company of his grandparents. I wish our pilot was here to witness the beautiful relationship that our son has with his parents but he is at work. Two more days and he will be joining us. 
It is incredible the bond that grandparents have to their grandchildren, my son is eating his grandparents up they do all kinds of things together. They walk Sally dog, go to the park, paint and today we will all be baking holiday cookies.  It is so much fun to watch him play pretend and assign everyone a character – He is Lightning McQueen and Pappy is King and Grandma is Flow and Mommy is Sally. It is incredible to see how much fun he is having.
Watching my son with his grandparents makes me remember all of the wonderful times I had with mine while growing up. Even though a lot of our family lives far away and some overseas – he has never met that half, I feel so grateful  for the times we do get to share and the memories we get to make. He talks for months about their visits.  The only thing that could make this more perfect is our pilot to join us. Soon enough.

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