Holly Jolly Christmas Cards

 I was brainstorming ideas for this year’s Christmas cards. Should I do Christmas cards like I have so many years before or a Christmas letters like I did the last couple of years? The idea of picture cards never really crossed my mind. Until I found out that Shutterfly is doing a promotion for bloggers and they are giving away 50 free Christmas cards how awesome is that! I get 50 free cards and I get to share some cute pictures of my little man with the family and friends. Some of their cards have a place to write a little Christmas letter too, so you can do both in one shot.
These are some designs that we are contemplating:

For more card designs go here

While reviewing Shutterfly’s card options I looked over some of their other projects. I found that their selection of calendars is awesome and what a better gift for the grandparents and great-grandparents than a calendar with pictures of their grandson. Not only are the designs fun and colorful but the prices are fantastic, the calendars are full price for the first and 50% off all others that you order and on a purchase over $25.00 you get free shipping. This is a great deal that you just can’t beat. My husband and I had a wonderful time making the calendars.  We have never done this before so we are quite excited to see the outcome. This is the layout we chose from so many that are available. 

Check out the wonderful designs available with Shutterfly here
To find out how to get your 50 free cards click here

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