Pilot gone makeover guru

When we bought the house we live in we hated just about everything inside with the exception of the layout, location and exterior. We worked very hard to get the house to the way we liked it, added a wall here, replaced all flooring and repainted just about every wall in the place and now outside as well. The last three breaks Mr. Right has been back to full time remodel mode in the house.
First came the siding. When we returned from Europe the siding was is horrid shape. A section of it started to buckle before we left, but due to the crazy drought the buckling siding started to fall off the house eeep.
stuff 069
So my Mr. Right got onto a ladder and replaced it then repainted the entire house. Behold it’s glory.
House 001
After the outside was all done and oh so perfect (I go outside to stand in the street just to stare at it – once in a while but still). We inherited a chair snuggler and thus came the library remodel. Mr. Right and I are big readers he reads history books, I read trash novels that teach nothing but are fun and entertaining. Sometimes I wish I had the determination to read the knowledge filled books he reads but frankly I read for entertainment and the thought of having to read the dry dry sad history books make me want to cry, so I just listen to his stories and learn this and that from him (I am bad I know). Anyway back to the library with ever growing number of books we were looking to expand and this is what it was before.
Library Before 2
After we sold the couch and the snuggler arrived we went searching for book shelves and this is the result of our efforts. Ok being honest his efforts and my observation from afar as I figured most of there hard cover “ancient” texts are his so let him select their “home”. As long as I get to snuggle by his side in front of the fire and read all is well. So without putting it off any further my Pilot – home makeover guru built this.
Library New
I love love love it it is so cozy and warm and relaxing. Ahh and the timing is just perfect with winter just around he corner.

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