The mind of a pilot

It is amazing to me how my husband’s mind works. He is a fixer. Let me tell you when it is broken he will think and think about how to fix it and then he will actually fix it. This is true to so many things that it would take days for me to list them all. Today he out did himself – he took apart his iPod.
A little back story  - few weeks ago his middle button in the iPod sunk in and stopped working. Mr. Right didn’t want to replace his iPod since he just got a new iPhone. So he kind of worked around the broken button and was looking into new iPods or getting a radio for his car that directly connected to the iPod and controlled it. This afternoon I walk into the kitchen to him sitting at the breakfast table with tiny tinny screws scattered everywhere and iPod in pieces. 

“What are you doing?” – I said.
Mr. Right – “I am taking the iPod apart. It doesn't work anyway so I can’t really break it any further right. If I fix it great if not what’s the harm it’s broken anyway.”
Very logical approach to the whole thing as usual. After some careful moving around of parts and some finagling he fixed the iPod and it is once again in perfect working order. I am not sure if it is just my pilot or if all pilots are like this – he takes everything apart, he is capable of fixing anything and everything most of the time (with the exception of our AC which he could not fix because you need a special license to handle Freon so he called a guy). Amazing, taking apart his iPod – I think it is that analytical mind trait, or something.

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  1. My pilot takes things apart too! Sometimes he fixes things, sometimes he doesn't. :) I usually admire him for trying. hehe