Blueberry fun came first

The other day my girlfriend came by and brought two pounds of blueberries with her. We were having a girl’s night. I love blueberries so I was thrilled to make something yummy with them. After we ate diner we put together a yummy blueberry cobbler using the Pioneer mix recipe that I tweaked like my mother-in-law did when we made peach cobbler over Christmas. The cobblers were delish and we ate two, right away and saved the other two for next day.  Since I was left with another pound of blueberries and the entire blueberry madness was started because of my blueberry jam that we shared for breakfast before our hike that morning, I decided to make the jam and share it with my friend. The jam turned out beautifully and I am dying for a piece of toast with blueberry jam.  The recipes are in Meals for Two. I love girl’s weekends when we chat and cook and do girl stuff, what a great way to spend time.

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