Into the New Year

The New Year. I feel like the blog has been on a very positive roll with some funny stories and good insights into what it is like being married to a pilot. We had a wonderful Christmas, pilot included. Now I am facing several days on our own when we try to get back into the swing of things. It is always a little blue when everyone departs after family celebrations. The house was full of company, laughter, I had a ton of help, now it will be back to party of two for a bit while daddy gets back to his work schedule.
In 2010 we have been very busy with weddings, trips, visitors, and in the last two weeks with baking and preparing for the holidays. I am not sure if I am excited about the little low that is coming since everyone is jumping back into their routine or if we will find it lonely and hard to adjust to. It will definitely give me much needed time to re-balance and self-reflect. It has been fun seeing how everyone spend their Christmas and New Year’s, what was served and traditions that were shared.
I am looking forward to what this year has in store and am looking forward to sharing the journey.

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