I swear these things know when he is gone...

I swear these things know when I am alone and they just stroll right on in like they own the place. Being a pilot's wife you get used to many things that he normally would take care off but now you are the one to kill the bugs and apparently chase the darn lizards. I hate lizards. The are not like bugs so you can't kill it. They are not cute like animals so it's not like you can say "awww it's a lizard how cure I will just set it outside". No they are creepy and they ran randomly trying to outsmart you, and end - up getting caught by the cat who tortures them and leaves them for me to find in different stages of dismemberment in front of the pantry. Yuck. Thank God this one was still in good shape just terrified and near the back door so I just ushered it outside with the spatula.  I could swear I heard it sigh in relief when the ordeal was over - or maybe that was me.

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