Amazing what a little sleep will do

My husband woke up the other morning and sneaked downstairs with our son on tow; allowing me additional two hours of uninterrupted sleep. When I woke up at 9:30 I felt like I could take on the world so we baked cookies got all Christmas cards addressed, I also washed and folded all of our dirty laundry, made diner and did some cleaning. The following day I was still on my energy high because I got to sleep in the day before so I went to do all the Christmas shopping and 5 hours later I came home with almost everything I needed.  I even mailed out everything that had to be shipped – stood at the post office in line for 45 minutes but it did not bother me. During my Christmas excursion my son was at home with daddy. So I attribute all of the catching up that I did to the extra sleep and help that I got thanks to my pilot being supper thoughtful.

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