Yesterday was weird day for me. I woke up feeling pretty energetic, by the time soccer was over I felt like I have not slept in years. So we came home and I pushed myself to take the recycling to the drop off center since it was crawling out of the laundry room where the bins are stored. From recycling we headed over to the grocery store to pick up few small items. Lunch followed as it was close to one and at this point I was dragging. I put my little one for a nap after lunch and then took a bath in hope that I would relax and get a surge of energy. Nada. Husband is away so there is no one to cheer me up. So I took a nap myself. My little one woke me up and I aimlessly wondered downstairs fully aware of the loads of cleaning and stuff I should be doing with zero desire or motivation to do any of it.
Unexpectedly there is a knock on the door and my friend and her sister and daughter are at my door. I was very excited to see them.  They were on their way to the park and just dropped in. One thing led to another the kids started playing and we ended up sitting over coffee in my back yard for three hours chatting away, laughing trying to solve the world’s problems. It was only after they left and another girlfriend of mine called that I realized that I was in a funk all day, dragging through the day on automatic. If my friends didn’t drop in and occupy my time I think the day would have been written off as a sucky day. Instead it was a fun filled afternoon. It is amazing how wonderful and important it is to have dear friends who hang out with you when you are in your sweats and in low spirits.

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  1. Glad we could help you get out of your " funk ".
    Also THANK YOU for helping me getting out of MINE !! Loved sharing time with you.