I would like to begin this post with saying that I am not against daycares, nor do I do not condemn parents who send their children to daycares. There are many benefits to daycares such as socialization for your children, routine, structure and so forth. With that being said I choose not to send our son to daycare. When he did attend daycare he was sick all the time, and he hated it – we tried several. So as a result I stay at home and both my husband and I agree that it fits our lifestyle to keep out boy at home. Continued in Hanger Rats


  1. Our 4 month old goes to daycare and I am happy that she is really enjoying it. She goes 3 days a week and I work 4 days a week, meaning that one of the grandma's will take care of her 1 day a week. Or of course, when daddy is home, she will be with him. I am happy she enjoys daycare. She is happy and absolutely not (yet) worn out at night. We will see how it goes when E starts his trips again.... Talk to you then! :-)

  2. I am glad that she likes her daycare it is difficult to find one sometimes. I am glad you found a schedule that works for your family I think that the bottom line is finding what works for you :0)